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The Body Confidence Awards

You know that we here at Karina Dresses are huge, huge proponents of body confidence and celebrating beauty of every type.  It’s right there in our tagline: dresses for every ‘body’!

So we’re always thrilled to see people taking a stand against unhealthy, unrealistic beauty expectations and companies that feed on insecurity.  In the UK, the government is actually getting involved forming a parliamentary group on body image.  They will call out companies and individuals who promote plastic surgery, botox and “starvation-as-leisure.”  They’ll reward charities and people who support women, diversity, and healthy ideas about beauty.

This year’s winners included cosmetics giant’s  Boots No7 Ta Dah! range for avoiding airbrushing in their advertising. Department store Debenhams won the retail award for their Inclusivity campaign, which featured 59-year-old Jilly Johnston and the model Shannon Murray, who uses a wheelchair. “It makes commercial sense,” said Ed Watson from Debenhams, “as well as moral sense.”

Lovely!  Don’t you think we need more of this?  Which companies would you give a body confidence award to? [Other than us, of course :)]

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