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How To Create a New You

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This year will be different.” We write down our hopes and dreams and then file them away till the dawn of the new year following. Here’s a plan that will take those embers of sparkling hopes and turn them into fires of accomplishments.

First step:
At the beginning of every journey it pays to see where you’ve come from. Write down all the improved things you’ve done this year. Odds are you’ve already started down the path you want.

Becoming financially savvy? I bet you thought more about your finances – write that down.

Becoming fit? I bet you reconsidered eating hamburgers every night for dinner.

Becoming a social butterfly? I reckon you smiled at more strangers last year.

Second step:
Build in failure to your plan
. Nothing is going to succeed perfectly on the first try (you’re lucky if you get 80% on the first go.) Feeling like you’re struggling is part of completing a goal. Take a second to put everything you’ve done in perspective; you’re trying to change habits that have had years to form, of course it’ll feel hard. Persevere and remember, for every two steps forward you will take one back. Keep going forward.

Third step:
Break down the new year into the twelve months and then assign a task to each month. Give change a chance to settle into your habits.

For myself it’d look like:


Go bobsledding

Finish book proposal

Eat a salad for lunch five days a week


Three new clients for blogging development

Save $100 a week for a house deposit

Give away ten pieces of clothing

Make sure you don’t clump all your similar goals together – save for house, develop strict budget, no shopping, eating in each night – it sounds great, but by day four it turns into dust. Keep the changes small, give them time to set and then move onto the next.

If it feels hard, keep taking one small step forward. You will get there.

What changes would you like to grow this year?

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