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Frockstar™: Marie of ‘Agent Lover’

Marie Lodi
Age:  31
Location: LA
Online homesblog // website // twitter // instagram // facebook
Favorite Karina dress: The Penelope Sleeveless and the Lauren look really cute!

photo credit: Lisa Kannakko

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
I love Obnoxious Owl. She does these great advice articles that are on point and hilarious. I also always love to see what kinds of outfits my friends Mary Van Note and Christina of For Show put together. Fortean Times and Coast to Coast AM for all of my strange stories. And Rookie, of course. Which I would read even if I wasn’t writing for them.

You’ve been lucky enough to Sweat To The Oldies with the one and only Richard Simmons.  What was that like?
You know how there are certain people you meet that make you think, “Wow, this person was seriously sent to this earth to help people?”  He is one of those people, no exaggeration. He’s just an incredibly kind and inspiring person with a hilarious sense of humor.  He said I moved like a stripper! I use that as a pick-up line now.

You wear dresses almost exclusively.  Why are dresses more awesome than pants?
I’m not really a jeans hater, I just think you can get a lot more creative with dresses! Also I’m much more comfortable in a pair of tights than a pair of jeans!

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
“Girl, don’t be so hard on yourself about things. You are the jam. And DO NOT quit dancing.” I would also have the urge to tell her she would be interviewing the author of her favorite book someday (Francesca Lia Block of Weetzie Bat) but then I’d keep it a surprise as to not upset the threads of time.

photo credit: Robyn Swank

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
I wake up in a huge, fluffy cloud bed and Justin Timberlake quickly hands me a mimosa in a pink chalice bedazzled with rhinestones that spell out “Queen Rie.” He then tells me that I am the most gorgeous creature he has ever seen even though I myself can’t see anything. I put on my glasses and thankfully it is STILL Justin Timberlake. We then embark on a road trip to Big Sur where we hole up in a cabin to watch crappy horror movies from the 80’s and have a macaroni and cheese bake off/ dance-off. Later on, Jay-Z and Beyonce join us for frisbee and more mimosas.

Thanks for sharing, Marie!

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