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Frockstar: Alyson of ‘That’s Not My Age’

Age: 47 (gulp)
Location: London, England.
Online homes: blog // twitter // facebook // pinterest

How you know Karina?
Lots of lovely American bloggers I follow  – like Une Femme d’un Certain Age and The Citizen Rosebud – recommend Karina dresses. And I’m hoping next time I come over to New York (one of my brothers lives in Manhattan), to meet up with the Karina crowd and see the collection.

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
I’m really old school, and so don’t mind getting mucky, newsprint fingers – I read the Guardian newspaper offline on the commute to work ( I lecture part-time three days a week). I check out most of the weekend newspapers – and still subscribe to Vogue, it’s a habit I can’t seem to break! Though I have to say the June ‘Going for Gold’ issue of British Vogue is fantastic. It’s an Olympics special and has lots of my favourite fashion heroines. Online I look at most newspapers, Advanced Style, The Style Crone, Disney Roller Girl, tons of other blogs, and Twitter and I’m just getting into Pinterest (so please follow me!).

You’re journalist by trade.  Can you tell us about the best (or most favorite) piece that you’ve written?
Ooh that’s a really difficult question. I suppose the stuff I write for my blog is my favourite work because I can say exactly what I like and it feels freer. More natural. More like me, personally, rather than me writing in a house style for a publication. In a more glamorous former life as a fashion editor, I worked on some fabulous shoots and met amazing women like Twiggy, Nigella Lawson, Yasmin Le Bon, Daphne Selfe – all a real pleasure to work with.

What are you wearing right this second as you type this?
My pink snakeprint sweatshirt, Acne jeans and some sparkly earrings from Anthropologie. I tend to live in jeans and t-shirts at the weekend  – and er, most of the week too. We’ve just got back from a walk in the woods – so I kicked off my muddy walking boots at the front door.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
Don’t worry so much. Learn a language. Take a gap year (though I’m so old it wasn’t called a gap year when I was 16). And get your teeth fixed!

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
My perfect day would involve coffee, plenty of food (I’m quite greedy), walking/cycling and a trip to one of our local markets – with Mr That’s Not My Age, of course. Ending with tapas in the evening, or a film. Or both. We’re not far from Brixton and the market there is fantastic. Lots of independent food stalls and vintage shop. On Sundays I love to go to Columbia Road flower market in London. To me, food and coffee are very important components of the perfect day.

And if I was in New York, it would have to be a walk along the High Line. Now that is a pretty special way to spend the day. Followed by a few Chelsea galleries and a glass of wine and a pizza.

Thanks so much for sharing, Alyson!

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