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Frockstar™: Sofiya Alexandra of ‘So Natural’

Name: Sofiya Alexandra
Age: Bronze
Location: Los Angeles
Online homes:  twitter // onesheet // tumblr // “So Natural” web series // Surprise! Comedy facebook
Favorite Karina dress (if you have one): Sadly, don’t own any!

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
I read the LA Weekly, the NY Times, and a tiny bit of The New Yorker every day on the can. I am a beautiful classy lady swan. I also read a lot about comedy, on Laughspinsplitsider, and I check in with The Comedy Bureau, an LA gem, daily. I never miss a Dan Savage column, and I really enjoy Henry Rollins’ column in the LA Weekly. I also read the usual suspect blogs: the hairpinjezebelthe awlgawker, and the very excellent rookie mag. And obviously memes, charts, and other delightfully entertaining garbage. Please take away my laptop.

You’re the producer of the Gonzo Comedy Show.  Tell us about that!  What’s it like corralling that many comics?
Gonzo is currently on hiatus, but I’m keeping busy with a new monthly show I run with my very funny friend Rob Buscemi, SURPRISE!. The hardest thing about putting on a show is never the comics – we comedians just really want a bunch of people to entertain, we’re pretty easy. Finding a good venue for comedy, and getting people to your show despite the other amazing comedy and art things going on in LA every day is much more of a challenge. But I do believe that if you pull out all the stops and put on an awesome show, people will come.

Can you share your favorite dinner party appropriate joke?
Usually I just bring a watermelon and smash it in front of my guests with a hammer.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
You’re doing awesome, keep reading and writing. But maybe stop embroidering your oversized khaki shorts, thanks. Maybe just throw out those shorts. No, I know. You think they look great. Just trust me on this.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
Brunch with poached eggs on crab cakes, stuffed crepes, and mimosas. Pizza for lunch. Sushi or fajitas for dinner. Meaningful interactions with everyone I love and puppies in between.

Thanks for sharing, Sofiya!

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