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Frockstar™: Emily Button of ‘So Natural’

Name: Emily Button
Age: Of Innocence
Location: On top of the world.

Online homes: website // twitter // facebook // onesheet

Favorite Karina dress: The dress I will be modeling in the next ‘So Natural’ episode! Apparently it will be “Classy AND Fierce.”

How you know Karina: Karina has kindly partnered with ‘So Natural’ and I am thrilled to be wearing a Karina dress in an upcoming episode.

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
Offline: My mind.

Online:  Tut Notes From The Universe, Jeff Kober’s blog, and the New York Times.

You worked as a clown.  How does ‘clown’ humor differ from stand up?
People generally aren’t deathly afraid of stand-ups… so THAT’S less fun.

But on a technical level, clowning is a physical art and you have to rely on your body and face in order to convey humor as opposed to words. It’s about distilling life into its simplest, most universal elements and revealing that through your physicality.  In general, standup is more of a verbal art and it reveals life through words.

You trained at the New Actors Workshop under Mike Nichols, among others.  Why is training important for actors?
Simply put, training teaches you how to get out of your own way.  And, it gives you the experience and discipline required to perform in any circumstance.  When the director says “We have to get this in one shot,” you better be able to deliver… even when your costar has medical grade bad breath.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
Lighten up, Buttercup. It’s not that important.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
My perfect day is one in which I’m still breathing.

If I can feel the sand in my toes and the ocean on my body, dance,  use a water gun, play a prank, laugh hysterically, hug my friends and family and pet my cat, then I’m a doubly happy woman. And being able to use a salad shooter as a weapon? Always a bonus treat.

Thanks for sharing, Emily!

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