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Frockstar™ Frolic: A Visit from Jennifer Medeiros of ‘Makobi Scribe’

We were so excited to have Jennifer Medeiros visit the Karina Dresses design studio in Brooklyn on Sunday after finishing a grueling few days at the BlogHer12 conference.

First, we celebrated with a little mixology in Mason jars (happy summer!):

Of course, we just couldn’t resist having her try on on a few dresses. She’s all smiles in the Josie:

Blogger or model? The Adele  doesn’t make her choose:

Pretty in Penelope:

So many dresses, so little time! Jennifer flashes an impish grin at the sheer number of lovely options. Talk about kid in a candy store!

Here’s Jennifer with Karina and official Karina Dresses mascot Bodhi:

Thanks for stopping by, Jenn! We hope you’ll come back and visit us again soon!

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