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Frockstar™: Krista Bice-Crisp, Construction Pole Climber (Seriously)

Krista Bice-Crisp
Age: 34, but age is only a number!
Location: Upstate New York
Favorite Karina dress: My favorite Karina dress so far is the green/white polka-dot Penelope. Love, Love, Love it!!

How do you know Karina?
I was out of town for work and spotted a beautiful polka-dot dress through the window shop. I had to come back during the day when the store was open. I met Karina at a Trunk show at the Rambling Rose boutique in New Paltz. She was so kind and her dresses are the most comfortable ever! I had to get the blue and green!

Favorite reads?
I love to read books when I have time but a quick read guilty pleasure of the day would have to be the horoscope. I also enjoy flipping through a People Stylewatch.

You’re a construction pole climber for Verizon, which is a pretty male-dominated field.  How’d you end up in this job?  What’s it like working with mostly men?
I have been with Verizon for 16 years and most of that time has been outside. I became a Field Technician in 2000 and then went to construction to become a splicer in 2004. Working in a male dominated field has, for the most part, been a fun experience. Although I was very intimidated at first, I have found that as long as you can physically do the job and are willing to learn most men don’t have a problem with women in the field. The hardest part has been finding a bathroom when you need one. 

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