Karina Chronicles

Winner of the Frocktober Video Contest!

Remember back in Frocktober when we asked you to make a video telling us what you love? The first ten videos won a free Karina dress and all were entered to win one grand prize package which included lotsa fun stuff and a free dress of her choice!

Well a huge congratulations to Lisa Weidknecht of Planet Weidknecht who won the grand prize! 

Lisa is a happy wife in a blended family, a mom of three adult children, a self-published author, an accredited home daycare provider, and a blogger. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Family Relationships from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Early Childhood Education from University of Phoenix! This gal has her proverbial ducks all lined up. In fact, she’s running her own Karina Dresses giveaway for the holidays.

Lisa says she “was a little nervous to make a video for Karina Dresses, but I had a greater desire to tell everyone about the fabulous Love Club Membership benefits. Knowing the dress looks good on “every-body” helped me feel confident that I could do it!”

The confidence shows, Lisa! You’re positively glowing with verve and energy! Thanks for helping us spread the word to new Karina fans around the country!

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