Karina Chronicles

Frockstar™: Jacqueline Hanzl of Stylish in the Stix

Name:  Jacqueline Hanzl
Age:   37
Location:  Woodstock, NY
Online Homes:  Stylish in the Stix // Twitter // Facebook

Favorite Karina Dress:  The one I own!  I’m not sure of the style. (ed. note: it’s the Sophie!)
How you know Karina:  Went to a trunk show at Dig in Saugerties & bought a dress
What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?Refinery 29, People Style Watch, Daily Om, Lucky Mag, MSN

You’re a speech pathologist. Can you tell us about an average day at your job?
I work at a K-3rd grade elementary school & I am on my feet a lot.  I am in 3 kindergarten classrooms everyday working with students on language (writing, vocabulary) & letter-sounds.  I also provide speech & language services to small groups of students with special needs in my therapy room.  I pick them up from their classrooms & also drop them off.  I go into every classroom in the school once a week to co-teach a social skills program with the school psychologist.  I have a lot of energy!  The kids keep me on my toes.

You live in the Woodstock area. What are you favorite things to do upstate in the winter? 
Ice skate at Mohonk Mountain House and the Kiwanis Ice Arena in Saugerties; go to Saugerties’ “Holiday in the Village” & Woodstock’s “Holiday Open House”; walk our dog; enjoy good food & wine with friends & family; relax by the fire

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
 You really can do anything you put your mind to, don’t worry so much about what others think, & you will be fine!
Your perfect day. What would it look like?
Sleep until I wake up without an alarm clock, walk our dog, practice yoga (Ashtanga), lounge around with my husband, read a book, get a massage.

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