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Frockstar™ : Heather Vanne Guimond

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The Featured Frockstar™ Name:

Heather Vanne Guimond. I am an Ojibway Woman from Sagkeeng First Nation

Age: 37
Location: Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba Canada

My everyday must reads online and off:  Online I enjoy catching up with family & friends on facebook.  Offline I like to read Reader’s Digest, used to love Danielle Steele.  Had to pull my head out of the clouds after reading her novels.  The King of Scare, favorite novel from Mr.King is Gerald’s Game.  At the moment I am reading a text about Multiculturalism.

Most recent accomplishment:  Accepting the loss of a loved one.  I used to think that it would get easier to accept death as we get older.  It doesn’t get easier.  We are still human and it still hurts a lot.

My hero:  Parents, hands down.  They are the most generous, loving and selfless people.  Funny, cannot forget how hilarious they are.  Laughter is good medicine for the soul, and they provide lots of it.  They make life fun, even through the worst of times.  I was truly blessed with such amazing parents.  Dad always there to hug me and tell me he believes in me and mom with her tough love and expert advice is something every daughter needs from time to time. Both very patient and understanding <3

My style inspirations:  Hmm, the most recent style inspiration I’ve had lately is from Lily.  She loves charm bracelets, necklaces, rings and piercings.  I just recently started wearing ear rings, well Lily gave them to me as a Birthday gift.  Also I wear a charm bracelet that was given to me by my Mother.

Why is it important to love our bodies:  Simple, we only get one.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would it be?  Don’t Smoke cigarettes, bad for your lungs.  You are going to get asthma when you turn 19 if you don’t stop smoking cigarettes NOW !!

Do you have a favorite quote:  Let us defeat.. defeat
By Heather V. Guimond
Me :)

How did you discover Karina dresses: Saw it on Facebook

My perfect day, what would it look like? My perfect day would have a nice cool breeze in the air, while I watch the proud dancers at a Pow Wow.

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