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A Dress For Curvy Women: Meet Megan!

The Megan Dress is a v-neck dress with detailed gathers in the back, full swirl skirt making it the perfect dress for curvy women!

Meet our Karina Dress, Megan! Megan is a saucy v-front dress with a surplus bodice, making her the perfect dress for curvy women!  She features a full swill skirt that hits just at the knee with a pretty flare. This is a dress that fits every body. Does your waist line need a little shape? Megan’s front panel helps to pull your waistline together. Do you have curves for days? The short sleeves and flared hemline provide the perfect balance for curvy, hourglass shaped gals. Maybe you have a fuller bust line? Megan’s sleeve is the perfect balance for triangle shaped ladies. Overall, Megan is perfect for triangle, invert triangle, oval, rectangle and hourglass gals!

The Megan Dress is the perfect dress for curvy women with its v-neck dress with detailed gathers in the back, full swirl skirt!

Megan: The Perfect Dress For Curvy Women

The mighty Megan dress recalls the magical time that was the 1940′s. This was a wondrous time when women accomplished great things. Megan is half movie starlet and half Rosie the riveter, mean, she is everyone’s ‘go to’ dress! And it’s no wonder, considering that she is perfect for almost every body type! The Megan dress was inspired by a best friend of Karina Cousineau’s, Megan. Megan is a fearless gal, owner of Hello Super Studios.

Creating films that are enjoyed and shared with others is what excites us most. That and traveling the world, tasting good food, laughing with friends, seeing brilliant films, listening to awesome music, being in love… you get the drift.


Getting ready for an art gallery showing or to go on a dinner date with the girls? You can dress Megan down with embellished sandals or flats or dress her up with a pretty pearl necklace and pumps. She surely makes a great transition from day to night. Megan makes a practical, yet smart choice for every gal! Be comfortable in your own skin, and in the dresses you choose to cover them with! When you are ready to wrap your curves in the perfect dress for curvy women, you can check our shop online to pick out your favorite Megan print!

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