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frockstar™ manifesto


Something magical happens when a woman wears a Karina dress. If you've ever worn one, you'd know exactly what I mean. Because when your clothes fit great, you feel's that simple. The way Karina dresses fit real women's bodies - not just the hardbodies that the fashion media idolize - makes them feel, well, like they can do anything, go any place, and do it all with style & grace. In a word, our dresses make you feel like a Frockstar™.

What is a Frockstar?

-A Frockstar believes in self-love and self-acceptance. She believes in the innate beauty of all women when they accept and love themselves as they are. A Frockstar can be any age from 18 to 80 because all generations of women bring valuable life experience & hard-won insight to the party. A Frockstar body can take any shape & size, without loving her own body less, and without judging anyone else's body. A Frockstar leads a full life & plays many roles. On any given day she may be wife, lover, mother, sister, co-worker, world traveler, artist, athlete, activist, spiritual advisor. Or all of these! A Frockstar thinks globally & acts locally. She believes in supporting local & community-based business & insists that all companies take care in managing their impact on the environment. A Frockstar believes in the power of human connectedness. She values lasting relationships over fleeting fads, handmade over machine-made, and wants to know that she is valued as a customer.

-Are you a Frockstar?
We think so. That's why we made this video. Enjoy, and don't be surprised if you see yourself in these amazing ladies. And when you need us, we'll be right here
making dresses.

Read on to hear what our Frockstar™ Nation has to say about Karina Dresses:

"This Audrey will be my third. I travel often, and take NOTHING else except underwear, shoes and maybe some stockings if crossing weather zones. In fact, a thought crossed my mind the other day, "Should I give away ALL my other clothes but my Karina's?" Really... I hardly ever wear anything else these days."

~ Ana West

"The Gala dress is so flattering for a variety of body types. The fitted bodice is flattering yet still work appropriate, and the purple feathers pattern is stunning. I love the way the skirt flows and the cute little sleeves! I just got this dress yesterday and I'm already trying to decide which fabric to get it in next."

~ aliciajaybi

"Bought 3 Sophie dresses and absolutely adore them. Very comfortable. Colors are so vibrant. And I don't have to worry about them looking tired at the end of a long work day -- they drape beautifully. Not looking at another dress shop again!"

  ~ Brenda F.

"I discovered Karina dresses last summer and liked them so much that I purchased a few more this summer. The Penelope dress is my favorite. The drape of the dress is beautiful. A friend told me I look like a dancer when I wear it because of the fitted top and slightly fuller skirt. The addition of the pockets is a nice touch. I love that I can just pull on this dress and go. It's super comfortable and comes in a nice variety of solids."

  ~ Linda P.

"I own three polka dot Megans and am sure will eventually own every polka dot color. I am a curvy girl and the Megan fits all my curves and makes me feel amazing, even WITHOUT spanx! And I can't tell you how many times people comment on the flirty, girlyness of this dress."

  ~ theredheadsaid

"I have bought several dresses by Karina, and absolutely love each and every one. They are comfortable and unique. So easy to wear and flattering to all figures! All I can say is Love, Love Love Karina dresses!!!"

  ~ Krista B.

"Leave it to Karina to get the cowl cut right! I'm always drawn to dresses like Clara, but too often, I end up fussing with the extra fabric in the front. Like all Karinas, though, the Clara is truly a dress that I can put on and forget until the compliments start! I think that this cut works especially well for "triangles" like me, and the slightly longer length (just below the knee on my 5'4" frame) balances the draping up top for a really elegant (and elongating) silhouette. With a tailored blazer, the Clara can work for even formal work environments, but it's perfect with boots and a denim jacket on the weekend. A great grown-up dress that can also have fun!"

~ Cathy C.

"Generally I have a hard time finding dresses that fit nicely.  I am petite but a little top-heavy (5 ft 3 in, 112 lbs, 36" bust) so clothing that fits over my bust tends to be loose everywhere else.  Not so with this dress!  The material is very stretchy, so it was able to fit my bust nicely and still manage to be just the right amount of form-fitting everywhere else.  The neckline is very flattering too.  I was worried that my bra straps would show but everything was covered nicely.  Very pleased with this dress!"

  ~ Alicia.

"Menopause is not a fun time but for the first time in years, I feel sexy again! Audrey is the right dress for my extra menopausal weight. Now that 25lbs is an asset to flaunt, not hide!"

  ~ Jennifer D.

"I own 5 karina dresses, 3 bought in a store, 2 on line, in various styles and colors, and more coming purchased from their site. The shapes of the dresses are all very flattering (I receive a lot of compliments when I wear them including today from my husband), the material is very comfortable, and they are super easy to wash (wash and hang to dry, they dry very quickly and don't wrinkle, no ironing necessary). They are also easy to pack. I had an issue with the delivery of my recent purchase (package never made it to my house) but their customer service was very prompt in helping me and is resending the dresses. I will certainly continue to buy more dresses, looking forward to the funky prints they come up with, which makes the dresses very unique and feminine."

  ~  Helene U.

"I am a huge fan of Karina dresses - they are flattering, comfortable, super easy care (just wash in cold and hang to dry!), great for many occasions. The Audrey is a fantastic basic style that can be dressed up or down; I also wear them as a jumper over a long-sleeved shirt and leggings for the colder months. The fabrics and colors are amazingly creative and fun, and the company's customer service could not be nicer and more helpful. A big win all around for women of every shape and size - including me (DDD bust), my best girlfriend (no bust to speak of) and my 78-year old mother!"

  ~ Elizabeth S.