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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Read what real customers are saying about Karina Dresses! 

I adore this brand. I’ve never been brand loyal for clothes before, but the combination of styles, prints, quality, fit, ease of care, and sweet customer service means I am a customer for life! I have 8 of these dresses now in 6 different styles. I love the variety of lovely ladies they use to model and promote their dresses. As a short, plus-sized girl, finding so many dresses that make me feel stunning is deeply rare. Go, Karina Dresses! 

by Erin L.

As a caterer I have to look put together, as well as creative, since what we do is so creative - and Karina dresses fill the bill perfectly. They are oh so comfortable to work in - I may have a 15 hour day on my feet at an outdoor wedding in 95 degree heat/humidity and when I got home, sticky and well, sticky, my dress still looks like I just took it off the hanger! I have 3 now and after seeing the new 2018 fabrics will order more. They're just what the caterer ordered! LOVE!

by Minda M.M.

 I now have two Karina dresses and absolutely love both of them. They are light and comfortable, yet they provide full coverage and I never worry about them not being appropriate enough for work or anywhere I go. Easy to dress up or dress down. I love that I can pack them and be confident they will look great once I get to my destination. They are great for work/conference travel!

by Amanda M.

When wearing a dress makes one feel fabulous, it’s a winner. The fabric feels good on my skin and I know it will pack like a dream. Thank you O Magazine for introducing me to Karina!

by Nancy N.

I have several Karina dresses! They feel like wearing a silky nightgown. Universally flattering on women. They are this rare breed of dress that can be as casual or dressy as you want; they are perfect for work, on a date, the beach, to the farm market or grocery store, and wear to church. And they are packable and don't wrinkle. Can't go wrong!

by Carrie J.R.

I continue to be impressed with Karina dresses and here's why: I have an unusual body type because I am very muscular for a female. I really appreciate how these dresses fit a wide variety of body types and are suitable for all ages! I also have made more of an effort to purchase ethically made clothing, so this was a nice bonus. I am 5'4" and 143 lbs and the S/M fit perfectly. I cannot wait for the spring/summer line because I just gave away all my sundresses because they no longer fit!

by Rachel E.

I love this dress! It fits so wonderfully, and is very feminine. So hard to find dresses when you are 5'10" and curvy. Thank you!

by Kathy S.

This dress is fabulous! It is soft and comfortable. It flares out around my hips and is fitted at the waist - a perfect solution for my figure. I wish I had this dress in every color. Thank you so much for keeping my body type in mind!!

by Benita B.

My personal favorite Karina dresses are Megan, Ruby, Margaret and Trudy. Honestly, you cannot go wrong, these dresses travel well and you will always look polished because the dresses don not wrinkle and drip dry (washing in cold water). Plus the Karina staff always offer superb service. Thank you!

by Ann T.

Got my first 2 dresses in today. Amazing is all I can say to describe. Fit perfectly according to the size charts provided and sooo comfortable! Will be buying more soon!

by Megan F.

I placed an order recently and was having challenges with submitting my order. The person I chatted with online went above and beyond to make sure that my order worked for me. Each dress that I received was beautiful and flattering. I will be a repeat customer!

by Leah H.

I bought a dress that did not turn out to be the right size. To exchange it was totally painless. The customer service is amazing! You actually communicate with a real person, something that is so obsolete in this era. Love this company!

by Debra K.

This is my first Karina dress and I will be ordering a couple more. I bought the Megan style and could not be happier. It arrived quickly and came out of the package fresh and unwrinkled - like it was off the rack! It is probably the best fitting dress I've ever purchased and very comfortable. I'm 5'2", 137 lbs and ordered a S/M. It is form fitting and yet movement is easy. The length is nice, too. I first saw the Karina dresses advertised in a recent O magazine - featured as a time saver - and I can see why. They are definitely a style saver, too! Happy Holidays to all - and to all, a new Karina dress!

by Kelly S.

As a mama, a pregnant woman, and a soon-to-be breastfeeding lady, this dress is SO GOOD. It fits like a dream, and I love that the sash can be tied several different ways. It will work excellently for nursing in the future, as it has a good amount of stretch, but it also won't lose its shape. Literally the most comfortable dress I've ever owned. And, really, really flattering. I'm completely smitten!

by Kristina S.

I have four dresses by Karina and I love every one of them. They fit beautifully, are flattering, comfortable, and easy to dress up or down. When I have an event or occasion, there’s only one place I go: Karina!

by Laura S.

I have bought many different styles and no matter which one I wear I receive compliments! Waiting to wear this one for the holidays. Comfortable yet dressy.

by Teresa B.