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Best Beauty Tips for Fall

    Yes, whether we want to face it or not, summer has come to an end and the cooler weather has moved in. This means that fall is here and it also means we need to change our beauty and skin routines around a
    bit, so we are as comfortable in our own skin as we are in a knee-high Karina dress.
    Keep your hands and lips moisturized
    • With the colder weather moving in, you may notice your skin will start to get dry. By using a cleanser than features a creamy formula, you can ensure that your skin stays soft and  smooth throughout the season. 
    • For autumn, consider colors such as golden shimmer and icy blues for your eyes and wine colors for your lips. 
    • While summertime is an easy time for staying hydrated, it is important that when the temperature starts to dip, you stay just as hydrated as you did in the summer. Staying hydrated is not only good for your health but it is also great for your skin. Instead of having that second cup of coffee, choose a glass of water with lemon instead.
    • Keep your hands and lips moisturized.
    These basic tips should make your skin radiant, supple and comfortable.  You won't need to worry about anything else but enjoying the season in your favorite Karina dress!
    -Mena Pregi & Taty Pradilla

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