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Making a Splash Hosting with Karina Sleveless Dresses by Taty Pradilla of Cool Mom Cool Tips

Summer smiles and summer get-togethers are in full swing.   Of course no one wants to waste time in the kitchen when all we want to do is  share with friends and family! So as you are the best host ever for your pool party, you can be ready and prepping in your amazing Jenny dress.  You will definitely be Making a Splash Hosting with Karina Sleeveless Dresses like the Jenny dress  #Frockstar


This Jenny dress has quickly become one of my favorite fashion items for the summer.  Not only is it extremely comfortable, it is also really  great for practically every occasion and every type of summer fun. As I slip it on, I can do a million things and not worry about getting it wrinkled before my guests arrive!  Plus it is fashionable and just the right style for our South Florida Summer action.


Of course my fashion sense is not the only thing that needs to be easy and quick for the summer  entertaining.  Anything in the kitchen has to be a breeze as well while I give guests something yummy and different to enjoy.  This time, along with great food, I am complementing our drinks with flavored ice cubes!  I have to tell you, they are now a must have every time we meet.  These flavored ice cubes really give our drinks a kick and they are not only easy to make but healthy as well.


This fun addition to your entertaining table  is quite simple to prepare.  All you need is water, an ice cube tray and your creativity!!!

Here is how we made blueberry -basil flavored ice cubes:

You can always make these before hand or a bit before guests arrive.  The best part of it all is that you can just start mixing and matching your favorite flavors as you flaunt the best dress to host a backyard party in the sleeveless Jenny dress!

In what  Karina dress will you be Making a Splash Hosting this summer?

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