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From Bump to Baby : Learning To Love Your Body In a Knee-Length Dress

Being just shy of two months post-partum, you could say my body isn't exactly back to what it was pre-pregnancy. Especially with summertime, I've found myself being so hard on the way that I look and wanting to bounce back quicker than I know I should expect. The one thing I've learned though, is to love my body, because it has given me three beautiful babies and to try to be a little bit more realistic with my expectations. Finding a fabulous and flattering dress helps too!
Tie waist. The tie helped hide some of my post-partum flaws and gives the dress a little extra style
V-Neck. The neck isn't too low so it's appropriate, but it's also easy to nurse in while I'm out and about with the baby
Several patterns and style options. You can't go wrong with the Ruby! The gorgeous prints help to add a little more style and character to what I'm wearing
Now that I'm a mom to two daughters, it's so important to feel confident in how I look so that can influence my girls. I want them to grow up feeling beautiful no matter who they are, and that starts with me showing them it's okay to be imperfect. We don't have to look like the cover a magazine, but that doesn't mean we are beautiful. For me, I feel most beautiful in my Ruby dress paired with my favorite necklace and a pair of comfortable shoes.

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