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Karina Chronicles

Woman We Love: Sui of ‘Cynosure’

Did you know the internet is populated with smart, funny, interesting women? Yes! We know lots of these women so we thought it was high time we introduced them to you. And thus: our post series – Woman We Love.

Name: Sui Solitaire
Age:  Old enough, young enough
Location: This wonderful universe is my home. (Currently I’m in San Diego, soon to be in Northern California, then Montreal, then who know!)
Online homes
: blog // google + // twitter // photography
Favorite Karina dress: The Audrey! (check out Sui’s review here)

Tell us what makes your blog different from all the other self development blogs out there?
I don’t consider my work to be of the “self-development” sort. I don’t pursue or write about deliberate personal growth anymore, because I’ve realized that by simply living my life in the present moment and truly dealing with what comes to me in my life, I’m forced to grow. I learn my lessons just from the seemingly insignificant parts of living life: drinking tea, connecting with others, how I treat and take care of myself.

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
I love Holly; she inspires and illuminates. Seth Godin, of course, is also a goodie.

Offline, I simply love reading. (I read 11 books last month!) I love Pema Chodron’s work; that’s what I’m into right now. I adore books on spirituality, and I like to read about creativity, business, growth, food, eating – just about everything! I haven’t read much fiction lately, unfortunately, but I love Les Miserables. Even though I have yet to finish it after three years of chugging along.

You believe strongly in the importance of self-acceptance. How do you show yourself gentleness and love?
I show myself gentleness and love by taking the time to make tea, make loving meals for myself, and always doing the best to understand myself better and learn about how I work, so I can function better, live better, be happier and do more great work for others.

I love myself by drinking ginger tea and treating myself to fuzzy red socks. I love myself by being present with myself and letting go. I don’t dwell. On anything. I just do my best to live in the present moment, and I find that that’s one of the most loving things I can do for myself.

You shaved your head a while ago! What has surprised you about having a shaved head? How have people reacted to it?

What surprised me was how much nobody cared (other than a few elementary schoolers I worked with)! It made me realize that had I shaved my head a few years ago, when I was insecure and self-conscious, most people probably would’ve reacted more simply because I was insecure and they would probably be able to sense that. And I’d probably be a self-fulfilling prophecy if I thought people would think it was weird. But on my birthday (the day I shaved it), I walked out of my house to the bus stop in a form-fitting red dress, red lipstick, and no hair. And I loved it.

More people reacted the week I had a hair tattoo, just because it was so damn awesome.

Your perfect day. What would it look like?
My perfect day is practically every day, the way I live right now – which is important to me, living a life that resonates with my values and that I won’t regret living.

I wake up, well-rested, with my cat. I write my morning pages and meditate. I take time to move my body in a way that I love and I take a shower. I get to work – writing, creating, and doing all the business-y stuff of Cynosure. Most of my day is engaged in my work – I do my best every day to simply help others and provide value with my presence in the world. In my perfectest of perfect days, I would eat exactly what I want, mindfully and lovingly, and spend time with the people I love exploring new places and taking hikes in nature.

I’m very grateful that I already live this kind of life, more or less.

Thanks so much for sharing, Sui!

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