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What’s that?  You wanted some lovely links to click through so you could avoid a bit of work today?  Well, here you go!

So useful for winter!  Sally’s two-part guide to boots.

If the changing seasons have got you cranky or mopey – here’s a lesson on being sweet to yourself.
Make time for yourself. Take it slow. Do something fun and loud AND something quiet and helpful. Be nice to the people that you come across. Reach out to someone. Love yourself, today and every day.

On choosing magic vs. making magic.

It’s winter of  2011, but we already know the trends for Spring 2012!

DIY some sweet, cheap (but not cheap-looking) gold earrings.  Super easy!

Cute!  A few accessories and bits that will make you look (and feel?) like a kid again.

How to wear a head scarf!

This NYFW-inspired gif is double-take cute.What did you read online this week?  Leave your favorite links in the comments!

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