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It’s Friday!  You know what that means?  a) it’s almost the weekend b) it’s time to avoid work and peruse some fantastic links!

The empowerment of a self-portrait. 

Cool and interesting. Twisted bun tutorial. 

Why not, reveal in the simple pleasures of life?

How one woman learnt to love her body.

Suede, velvet, fur – add texture to create a stylish Fall outfit.

Do you have the same equation for outfits?

The importance of friendship and being a good friend.

Great advice – the rule of thirds.

How striving for body love makes it harder to love our bodies.

Classic and fun – learn how to wear a petticoat!

Packing advice for the stylish traveler.

Alter your mood by using mindfulness.

Not sure if you should shave your legs or not?

miracle or just an illusion?

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