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Closet Envy: Sarah Von of Yes and Yes

Though she lived out of a backpack for the better part of last year, blogger and world traveler Sarah Von can appreciate a well-organized closet. Once she unpacked from nine months of travel, Sarah set to work turning a very mediocre walk in closet into something straight out of Sex And The City.

Name: Sarah Von
Location: (usually) St. Paul, Minnesota
Blog: Yes and Yes
Twitter: @yesandyes

What’s your favorite item in your closet at the moment?
My stylish grandma recently gave me her vintage, black (real) fur capelet.  I’m trying to find a way to style it that won’t make me look like a snooty so-and-so or a Russian countess.

Do you have any super genius storage/organization tips to share?
I love stacking my bracelets around vintage bottles and those back-of-the-door shoe hangers are worth their weight in gold!

What items would your fantasy closet include?
The perfect pair of riding boots, a great method of scarf storing (I have yet to discover one!) and The World’s Most Flattering Mirror.

Best type of hanger: wooden, plastic, or those puffy satin ones?
I actually love those fancy hangers that are covered in fake suede.  Nothing slides off – ever!

Do you share your closet with anyone?  Any advice for sharing space peacefully?

Currently, my closet is mine-all-mine, but I’ve shared closets in the past.  I’m actually a big fan of quality over quantity so I’m usually pretty good about using only 50% of the closet!

Thanks for the tour, Sarah!  Do you guys have any questions?

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