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How To Survive Airports

Lape Soletan is a writer and editor based out of Nigeria.  On her blog you’ll find ideas on places to holiday, how to enjoy the not-so-fun part of holidays (like planes and airports) as well as travel stories from her own trips.  Say hello on Facebook or Twitter!

While traveling with a Karina dress is nearly ideal, navigating airports isn’t always. Really, my least favorite part of traveling is airports and I suspect it’s the same for many people. But since I know I dislike being in airports, I go out of my way to enjoy the experience.

Here are some of the things I do to make my time in airports more pleasurable:

I dress for comfort when traveling and usually wear a T-shirt, jeans and trainers.
I once read somewhere that former editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld, always wore high heels to the airport – and always got stopped by immigration officers.  They simply couldn’t understand anyone wearing high heels when traveling!  I love the idea of looking glamorous all the time but when placed next to comfort and staying on the good side of immigration officials, I choose comfort.

I get to the airport really early. 
Doing so means queues are shorter and people are less tense.  Also, I check-in online whenever possible.  It reduces the amount of time spent queuing.

I put a smile on my face.
No matter who I’m dealing with – the airport from airline staff to immigration officials to janitors.  It brightens up everyone’s day (including yours) and makes things go easier.  I know someone who got a seat upgrade simply because she was nice and polite to the airline staff member she came across.  You never know, it could work for you too.

I bring reading material.
I love to read and hate being bored so I always have a book and a magazine with me at the airport to pass the time.

I focus on where I’m going.
I think happy thoughts.  It makes me happy and I’m sure the good vibes spread to those around me too.

How do you handle the airport?  Any tips to share?

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