Karina Chronicles

Clickity Click!

Add brooches 
to make a plain sweater rejuvenated!

Uninvested in being beautiful.

On occupying your own body.

Be inspired! 2011 trends all DIY’ed. 

Loving this turquoise-leather dress for work. 

Camel + red, a delight for the eyes. Cherry on top? Leopard print accessories.

Ever wonder if you’d still be interested in fashion if you were blind?

Venus with biceps: a pictorial history of muscular women.

In defense of stuff, why I’m not a minimalist.

Swoon, this coat. Sigh.

You are lovable at any size. True.

17 ways to be a patron of the world without spending a dime.

Don’t be taken to the dry-cleaner’s! 


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