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How To Dress Your Best Every Day

Amanda Duran is the spiritual gardener at Grow Soul Beautiful, a blog that blends yoga, photography,
and soul nourishment to encourage women to embrace their beautiful inside and out. Their mission is to feature a variety of ways that readers can enrich their lives through self-love, creative endeavors, and listening to the gentle whispers of their hearts.

I spent the first 30 years of my life thinking I was more than a little fashion-challenged.

I’d look around to see all the other girls boldly wearing the latest patterns and rocking out in the coolest new boots. Year after year, the fashion trends would roll right by me as would jealously eye the other gals who could miraculously make any new trend look cool and sophisticated. Every once in a while, I’d get the determination to spiffy up my outfits and see if I could put a little spark in my wardrobe.

Nervously I’d head to the mall, grab a few pair of skinny red jeans or cautiously select a sweater with that funky new pattern. Only to get in the dressing room and decide I looked ridiculous trying to dress up like all the cool kids. Those clothes weren’t me and I didn’t have the self-confidence to pull them off either.

Self-Confidence is the most beautiful thing you own

It’s funny the ride that life takes you on, but I can safely say I grew up a more the last 3 years than I did the 10 before those. A few personal crises rocked me to the core, but also brought me back to myself. Where I had to re-build from the ground up, finding that my self-worth is not defined by my looks, my bank account, my relationships, my job, or anything on the outside.

As my body gets older, I find myself appreciating more each day, finding all the ways it supports me and gives me life instead of being self-critical or yearning to look like somebody else. It was on this journey of self-love and courage that I began to really embrace the concept of body-love and acceptance to give me self-confidence I’d never had before.

Your Head+Heart are your best accessories
No matter what clothing you wear, here are some tips for practicing self-love, body-love, and self-confidence when you get dressed every day.

* Replace critical self-talk with positive affirmations- don’t linger on the areas of your body that you dislike, focus on at least one way you are grateful for your body each day

* Exercise is the greatest tool- even if it’s something silly like dancing or contemplative like yoga, spending time with your body & appreciating it will do wonders for your mood

* Flaunt your personality- everybody has the one thing that they get giddy about and that energizes them, could be styling shoes, a sensual scarf, a popping lipstick or a fabulous bag

So I may not have the best fashion sense on the planet, but I’m 100% more comfortable in my own skin, loving my own body, projecting confidence and love out in the world no matter what I’m wearing.

photo by drburtoni

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