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Some young models a New York Fashion Week struggle with basic necessities like getting paid and having a say over the types of images they’re in. Girl Models follows 13 year old Nadia as she navigates the exploitative modeling industry.

How beautiful are these serene kid’s rooms?

The always wise Danielle LaPorte wants to remind everyone to “be the global you

These butter sculptures (yes, you read that right– sculptures made of butter) are hilarious and awe-inspiring and beautiful all at once.

It can be hard in the winter to get all the greens and veggies you need to feel 100%. These green drinks look like they could probably help you out with that

Naomi and Josh have the most adorable little family on the planet, and they just took their little ones to Italy for two whole weeks. She compiled a list of tips that worked for their family.

Since it’s the first week of 2013, maybe you’ve already decided what your New Year’s resolution is going to be. If not, take a minute to think about the best way to go about crafting one.

It’s no secret that here at Karina we love to celebrate all kinds of women. That’s why we adore the Celebrating Women: The I Admire Project over at The Conversation.

If you need a little inspiration as far as working color into your winter wardrobe, look no further. Carrie at Wish Wish Wish mastered the art and looked gorgeous in a burgundy coat with a bright red bag and polka dot tights.

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