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DIY Gold Polkadot Plates

Today’s guest post comes from Alexandra (but you can call her Alex) of She is Red.  She loves traveling, baking sweet treats, singing karaoke, taking long walks in the country, attending street parties and playing dress up every single day.  You can befriend her on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m sure we all attended some great holiday parties, and ate some amazing food off of gorgeous dishes.  Did it leave you longing for some sweet dishes of your own?  Here’s my DIY for sweet, confetti-inspired dishware.

Well, if you too were enamoured by the whimsical charm of this pattern, then you’ll love this simple and cheap DIY project!

For this project, I used thrifted plates that I found at Goodwill for $.049 each, hole punch reinforcement stickers, gold spray paint, and a small paint brush.

I first arranged the stickers in a semi-random pattern and made sure they were firmly pressed to the plate {so the paint wouldn’t seep out too much}.  Then I sprayed the gold paint into a plastic lid {that I could discard later} and used the paint brush to apply the gold liquid into each hole.  {Tip: be careful not to use to much paint, so that the stickers become wet and seep paint outside the circle shape}.

After letting the gold circles dry, I then used tweezers to remove each sticker carefully.  If any gold had seeped outside of the circle shape, I used a Q-tip with a little nail-polish remover to fix the edges.

In the end I had almost perfect dots!  I could add more if I wished simply by repeating the process until I was happy with the look.

Remember this doesn’t make plates that are good to eat off of – but they do make perfect holders for jewelry, keys, or other knick-knacks!  And – they are so pretty!

I’m just crazy about my new plates!  What do you think loves?!

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