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Date Night with Brand Ambassador Cinny

 Based out of New York City and Canada, Cinny is the mommy to JR and Baby Pom. When not working or studying full time, she can be found working on Whirlwind of Surprises or cuddling with her hubby and playing with her dogs. She shines in the warm company of friends and family and  enjoys playing with her 3 little nephews.

Score! This Frockstar has a date night! The SO and I have been so busy lately that we haven’t really made much time for ourselves lately. Since we were headed to Minnesota for a business trip, we decided to have a date night before all the customary business stuff.

I had just the perfect Karina dress for it. I often find myself perusing the Karina Dresses shop online now and when I saw the new limited edition patterns Karina brought in, there was one I had to have. I didn’t care what style it came in, I just wanted it!! I lust over houndstooth pattern items so the blue houndstooth was calling my name.

The wonderful people at Karina Dresses sent me Josie in the blue houndstooth pattern. I couldn’t believe how cute the dress was. Designed like a frock and perfect for this #frockstar, Josie flowed with femininity, draping tenderly over my curves and exuding cute innocence. If you’re looking for a shorter cut Karina dress, then the Josie style is for you. Instead of the typical knee length, it cuts off around 2/3rds of the way down my thigh.

With the dress already picked out, we only had to decide on dinner. Since we were exhausted from a day of travelling, we decided to order takeout from Outback Steakhouse and eat in our room instead. We had steak and even this pretty “Onion Blossom” apppetizer that looked and tasted good. The food was a tad on the salty side but not bad overall. Although we didn’t eat out, it was a nice change from the usual to have a nice, warm, quiet, and romantic evening to ourselves.

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