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The Ruby Dress Goes To Mexico!

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Karina is introducing a new style to the Karina Dresses line: the Ruby!  Ruby  is a faux wrap dress that comes with a stylish high collar.

I recently had the chance to attend a fun conference in Cancun, Mexico with a couple of great bloggers. There were plenty of things to do be it meetings or tourist trips into town.  All of this running around was a lot easier in my Karina dress!

The dress was amazing, comfortable, and the style and shape was a great addition to the Karina line. The color was a very vibrant blue, that reminded me of an amazing peacock.  The high neck is unique, and with the faux wrap dress there is no fear that my dress will fly open, and I will unknowingly show my undergarments to my coworkers!  Ugh, that was an experience, not a good one I might add…

I love that this has a faux wrap, you get the great look of a wrap dress without the chance of an embarrassment.  You get that great style, and look but you can do just about anything you want in this dress.  I was able to go down to the water, and dip my feet in on this hot day, yes, I may have gotten some sand and water on my dress but with Karina dresses, I could just brush the sand off and the dress dried in minutes. I was able to have my fun and still wear the dress out to dinner. Karina dresses are amazing!

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