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Karina Chronicles

Clutter Free Living: Part 1

Through her company Business with Intention, our Frockstar™  Jess Lively offers one-on-one consultations, workshops, and a blog full of tips on how to live a more simplified and intentional life. When not at work, you’ll find Jess hanging out with her husband and puppy, or sharing a meal with friends. Follow Jess on Facebook and Twitter for more inspiration and updates!

Time to take a bit of a break from all of the Midnight Hustling! Today I thought I’d take a moment to share what I’ve learned from years of exfoliating unnecessary clutter. Any of my friends (or even Mr. Lively) can tell you that it’s rare to find a mess in my apartment. And though it is in part due to the fact that I love having order in my home, I also don’t have that much stuff. After years of End of the Week ExfoliationsThrow Out 50 Things Challenges, and What I Don’t Want for Christmas, I have leaned my possessions out substantially.

That said, my home is by no means sparse or bare. Below I snapped a few shots of my bedroom and bathroom organization to perhaps inspire others who are working on taming the Stuff Monster. And later today I’ll be sharing glimpses of my kitchen and living room as well.

More than any one tip, I can say that using “stuff” as decor has helped keep things beautiful and organized at the same time.

Scarves in a vintage glass bowl add color and texture to the dresser. It also encourages me to use them more often as well.

A vintage plate acts as a perfume tray. The vintage green goblet holds spare change and the clear glass container keeps cotton balls tidy.

This is my nightstand’s second drawer. An organizer from TJ Maxx holds my skinny belts, large scarves, and clutches.

I recently pinned my memento jewelry inside a shadow box from TJ Maxx. Now my grandmas’ vintage jewels are no longer crammed in a plastic bag.

My favorite new way to display everyday jewelry is in a small bowl on my dresser. It’s easier than going into a jewelry box twice a day.

Apartment living leaves little extra space for laundry. I converted my second closet into a place to hang out of season dresses. An over the door hanger is hanging on the closet rod to dry out sweaty running clothes or damp laundry.

This is part of my entry way closet. Large totes hang on S hooks. A shoe organizer hangs on the left to hold my workout gear; small shelves store towels, sunglasses, running watches, and headphones.

One of my little luxuries is weekly at-home manicures. Using a special candle box makes the tradition just a bit more organized and pretty.

Since I have a pedestal sink in my bathroom, this tray organizes and holds my makeup each morning. It’s stashed nearby in a hall closet when not in use.

You can see my whole bedroom here!

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