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Happy Friday, everyone! Kick up your feet and click through some links to start your weekend.

Ever wondered how they dress in Florence? Judging by the image above, pretty darn well. Street style photographer Yvan Rodic travels the world to collect stunning images of some of the world’s most stylish and interesting people. Take a look!

Need something but not sure how to get it? Maybe you can ask the Universe for a purple kangaroo moment.

Don’t miss this incredible TED talk about how artist Phil Hansen turned a challenge into an opportunity.

Now here’s something that will make you laugh – check out these hilarious notes from meetings that we can all relate to!

Are you tired of being told what “real women” should look like? Here here! Read this amazing post from Hanne Blank.

Ooh, travel photos! Check out this collection of stunning images.

All our readers will know how much we believe in self expression – especially when it comes to fashion! That’s why we love this post from The Conversation.

When it comes to making business decisions, do you ever worry about “turning people off”? This post explains why you should feel free to make the decisions that feel true to your brand.

Need to advertise your brand, but just don’t have the cash? This blog suggests 5 inexpensive ways to market your business.

Men chasing younger women might seem like an cliche, but it’s still happening. This fascinating article highlights why it’s problematic – for both genders.

That’s all from us – have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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