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Karina Dresses At Da Vinci’s House!

Helen Austin is a singer, songwriter, and classically trained musician.  Originally from the UK, Helen now resides in Vancouver with her family.  You can follow her shenanigans on her FacebookTwitter, or see her onYoutube.

This summer my family and I were fortunate enough to see Amboise and Leonardo da Vinci’s residence!  And because they’re perfect for traveling, both my daughter and I wore our Karina dresses.

While staying with some friends in the Loire Valley we headed out to Amboise, the town of Leonardo da Vinci’s last residence. The house itself was stunning set in acres of lovely gardens. But the best part were all the large replicas of some of da Vinci’s inventions, like bridges, tanks and and other fun stuff. He was SO ahead of his time.

We were lucky to have a warm day after it threatened to rain and the town of Amboise was so pretty with an amazing chocolate store. I am trying chocolate my way around France!!! :)

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