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The Happiest Dress on Earth, part 2

Why? Because We LOVE you!

Ok, we can’t help but keep crushing out on Beth, author, serious Karina Dresses aficionado and official Frockstar™ and can’t help but adore her yet again in this photo op taken of her at Cornell University. She is posing in one of her many Megans (last seen here) this time looking like a dead ringer for a certain lovable Disney icon. But it’s not the cheery red color or even the polka dots that make the Megan the Happiest Dress on Earth. It’s the way the Megan makes you look and feel. Megan comes in all sorts of fun loving, colorful prints, each one a sure fire pick for you to put on happy.

Don’t take our word for it, take yours.
We get all sorts of of letters and comments from our wonderful customers telling us how much they love their Megans. Here are just a few:

“(The Megan is) the perfect dress. Comfortable, packable, flirty- love it” -Pat F

“Love it! My favorite so far; it has great versitility and wearability.” -Janice M

“The perfect summer dress.” -Martine Z

“Megan is the dress of my dreams. It is extremely flattering on my curves, comes in many wonderful patterns and is super easy to care for. I have several short-sleeved ones and look forward to getting more, including some longer-sleeved ones for fall. A big win for ladies everywhere!” -Elizabeth S

We LOVE getting your pictures and comments! If you would like to share YOUR favorite, please do so! Drop us a line, send us your pictures or write a review! Email us at lovemykarinadress(at)gmail.com, with your comments and pics- just put “DRESSTIMONIALS” in the subject header, upload your best pictures and tell us which of your Karina is the Happiest Dress on Earth!



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