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Karina Chronicles

How-to: Style Your Rita

How I Style My Rita Patti G

How to Style Your Rita for the Fall Season
as shown by Frockstar™ Patti G of Not Dead Yet Style.

One  +40 and fabulous woman + One Karina Dress = 5 Incredibly Easy Fall Styling Options.

1) Layered Black Leggings. Keep it simple while adding some warmth with a pair of dark leggings. Notice the color pop- the black adds a simple chic while the bright turquoise blue draws the eye and keeps the dress (and you) in the spotlight.

2) Pair with a neutral toned blazer. Tans and beiges are the perfect “colors” to transition your summer dresses into Fall wear. Patti sports a beautiful ecru linen blazer, allowing her lovely short sleeve Rita a few more months of seasonal wear.

3) Skirt over Dress. Not for the timid, but layering a skirt over a dress not only creates a new look for your wardrobe workhorse, but adds warmth by layering, which makes it a fun thing to try for the coming Fall season.

4) The Pullover Sweater and Dress combo. This is one of the easiest ways to style a Karina Dress- just pull on your favorite jumper and wear over your favorite dress (let’s just hope they match!) Patti keeps it cool with a coordinating lightweight cornflower blue pullover, and coordinates her accessories also in complimentary colors (we’re loving her vintage green wooden bangle!) Patti stays true to her sunny Florida roots by anchoring the look with classic black flat sandals. Her flats could easily be swapped out for a pair of single sole pumps for an instant office-ready look.

5) The Whole Nine Yards. Patti goes all out by pairing her Rita dress with a navy blazer, black leggings and bright citrus orange silk scarf. What makes all this color work together is that she doesn’t overwhelm the senses- with exception of the pop of orange, the colors added are all neutral including the pale tan wedges that add nothing but sassy attitude in an already “fierce” outfit.

How do you style your favorite Karina?
Let us know in the comments!

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