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Have (Karina) Dress, Will Travel: Crisis vs Carry-On

Last Minute Travel with Karina Dresses

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Last May, I was about to head into a meeting when I got one of those phone calls that makes your heart drop into your stomach. Instead of joining my coworkers, I turned on my heel and ran to my car, cell phone glued to my ear as I booked a last minute flight to visit a loved one in the hospital.


When I first got that phone call, I leaped into crisis mode. I was headed back to my hometown, normally a familiar and comforting place, with no idea what waited for me. My mind immediately went to the big, wild “what ifs” that surface in a time of crisis.

  • What if I stayed for two weeks? Three? Four?
  • What if I had to move back for good?
  • What if I had to apply and interview for a new job?

In my hurried state, I booked a flight leaving in two hours from the O’Hare airport, when it was a Friday afternoon, at rush hour, and I had to drive to the airport from 20 miles north. Yikes. As I scrambled to think of everything I should pack for any given scenario, I knew I wouldn’t check a bag. I wanted to get in and out of the airport as fast as possible. The easiest way to keep my baggage to one carry-on was to bring just a couple dresses along with plenty of shoes and accessories, so naturally I turned to Karina Dresses.

Last Minute Travel with Karina Dresses 2

I flung open my suitcase and quickly chose two dresses, the Penelope and the Sophie ¾ sleeve style. Both hit just above the knee, and even in my panicked state I knew I could wear them for a visit to the hospital, a job interview, dinner with my family, or an evening with my girlfriends. My bag was packed in no time, despite running around the house finding my emergency credit card, toiletries, and necessary work items.

I am happy to say that the time of crisis has passed and things have since calmed down. But on that scary day, how comforting it was to be free from worrying about one aspect of last-minute travel. Those dresses made super speedy packing less stressful, and the gorgeous frocks lasted the entire week of my trip with a simple wash and line dry. Karina saves the day!

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