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WHAT TO WEAR: Hostessing a Dinner Party

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The trees are full of red, gold and orange leaves, the air smells like bonfires, and the neighbors are decorating: Fall is here!

This festive season comes with many reasons to celebrate. As the weather grows cold, our homes grow warm with gatherings of family and friends. The Thanksgiving holiday gives those of us in the U.S. a reason to travel or to welcome loved ones into our home. Either way, Karina dresses are up for the task.

Karina - Sophie roses 2

If you’re hosting out-of-town guests this holiday season, much of your time and attention will likely be dedicated to making them feel comfortable. That leaves little time to fuss over finding the perfect Thanksgiving day outfit. I always wear dresses to celebratory events, and Thanksgiving requires a dress that’s both elegant and comfortable, especially if you’re cooking.

Whether it’s Turkey Day or just a fall dinner party, Karina dresses are perfect for entertaining. I chose the sweet Sophie short sleeved dress for a recent dinner party with friends from out of town. Though the generous, draped sleeves of the long-sleeved Sophie dress make it a stunner, the short-sleeved version keeps your sleeves out of the way as you whip up hearty stews, airy quiches, or a juicy roast bird.

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The red bouquet pattern of the Sophie dress brings the red of fall’s changing leaves into the home with cheery flowers on a classic black. As you whirl through the kitchen, the Sophie dress moves with you. Silky microfiber fabric won’t wrinkle under an apron’s snug strings, so you don’t have to worry about your dress showing your hard work in the kitchen when you sit down to the meal.

I have the Sophie dress in two different, equally lovely patterns. For our housewarming party, I wore the geometric blue for a rollicking evening welcoming friends to our new apartment. The red bouquet pattern charmed my friends at a small, relaxed dinner party. My friends loved the dress–and they kindly paid many compliments to the chef!

Karina - Sophie roses

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