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Winter Warmth and Puppy Love at Its Best


Based out of New York City and Canada, Cinny is the mommy to JR and Baby Pom. When not working or studying full time, she can be found working on Whirlwind of Surprises or cuddling with her hubby and playing with her dogs. She shines in the warm company of friends and family and  enjoys playing with her 3 little nephews.


Brr…it is getting chilly out and darker out so much faster. Now that the days feel longer and it seems like I’m always at work, I think I may be starting to feel burnt out. To recoup, I do my best, to sleep in whenever possible. Part of that depends on my morning prep time- so to cut that down, you’ll frequently see me wearing Karina dresses. No joke, with them, I can be ready within 5 minutes.

I really combat burn out though with a secret weapon. The power of puppy love! When I manage to crawl home. I’m a total mess. My hair’s a mess, I’m a mess and I could care less what the world thinks. What re-energizes me though is when the pups come running. Their tails wag, their excitement fills the air and is infectious.  I feel incredibly loved and welcomed. JR will follow me around and jump at me until I acknowledge her. BabyPom will jump at me until I pick him up. They then proceed to place slobber all over my face…or plant loving kisses all over me. My heart just melts. They’ll do this for probably a good five minutes until they feel like they’re done.

Of course I’m still wearing dresses even in this chillier weather. We’ve even been getting snow flurries, have you?  I’m enjoying my Clara style in a wine color-  it’s in a heavier, ponte knit fabric. Ponte makes the dress warmer, however, it also makes it less stretchy. The dress fitted  more snugly around my waist than some of my other dresses. If you’re usually in between sizes, I’d recommend sizing up. My favorite part of the Clara though, is the slouchy neckline and the tapered waist. It flatters and enhances and I feel great. I think my pups agree, what do you think?

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