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Karina Chronicles

The Ruby Dress Goes to Bangkok – Part 1 of 2

KD- Aparajita bio

Aparajita Kumar ia a 23 year old Indian blogger living in France. She is currently expecting her first baby. You can find her personal style blog at Dressing Up For LifeWhen she isn’t busy taking pictures of her daily outfits, she loves to read, travel and experiment in the kitchen.



Earlier this month, my husband and I decided to go on a babymoon – one last opportunity to spend some time just as husband and wife before our baby gets here in a few months.

Our first day in Bangkok, we planned to visit some temples and get the blessings of the Buddha for us and our baby. However, these temples have an extremely strict dress code – no low cut necklines, no short sleeves and legs must be fully covered. So I decided to wear my Karina Ruby dress with a pair of lightweight leggings and ballet flats. The high neckline of the Ruby dress allowed me to remain covered up without feeling frumpy. Plus, the print is so vibrant that I fit right in with the Thai women and their beautiful outfits!

Here are some pictures of me at the Grand Temple in Bangkok. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any pictures inside the temple of the Emerald Buddha but trust me when I say that it was absolutely beautiful!


Next, we visited the Wat Pho, the temple with a breathtaking golden statue of the reclining Buddha.


And here I am standing in front of a replica of the statue.

karina_temple5 (1)

It was a busy morning but the beauty and serenity of the temples totally made them worth a visit. And I’m glad I chose to wear my Ruby dress – it is works so well with my changing body shape! It never felt tight or constricting, even though it is not a maternity dress, and I felt comfortable in it despite the sweltering heat. Another plus point of choosing a Karina dress for travel? I wore it for hours and there was not a wrinkle in sight! Once I got back to my hotel, I just hand washed it in the bathroom in my hotel and hung it up to dry. And since I felt so great wearing it on my first day of vacation, I wore it again the next day! Karina Dresses are truly easy to wear and easy to care for and the Ruby dress is definitely going to be a staple in my travel wardrobe, no matter where I’m going!

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