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Rocky Mountain, High or Low?

We have decidedly mixed feelings about the recent opening of pot stores in Colorado. On the one hand, legalizing (& taxing) the controlled sale of small amounts of the drug for recreational use is a much better use of government resources than the endless cycle of drug busts, incarceration & recidivism.


On the other, the physiological effects on women are pretty bad, and has been observed in both hormonal changes & the increased risk of lung cancer:

Heavy marijuana use can affect hormones in both males and females. Heavy doses of the drugs may delay the onset of puberty in young men. Marijuana also can have adverse effects on sperm production. Among women, regular marijuana use can disrupt the normal monthly menstrual cycle and inhibit the discharge of eggs from the ovaries. (Marijuana Facts: Parents Need to know, National Institute on Drug Abuse)

The daily use of 1 to 3 marijuana joints appears to produce approximately the same lung damage and potential cancer risk as smoking 5 times as many cigarettes. (UCLA) The study results suggest that the way smokers inhale marijuana, in addition to its chemical composition, increases the adverse physical effects. The same lung cancer risks associated with tobacco also apply to marijuana users, even though they smoke far less. (reported in NIDA Capsules)

Plus, the Colorado public school system seems to have a high percentage of students being expelled for drug use. Coincidence? Maybe not…

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We are curious to see where this all ends up. In the interim, here’s some answers to frequently asked questions about how the new drug laws in Colorado will work, including many common misconceptions & myths.

What do YOU think ladies?

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