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Karina Chronicles

The Ruby Dress Goes to Bangkok – Part 2 of 2

KD- Aparajita bio

Aparajita Kumar is a 23 year old Indian blogger living in France. She is currently expecting her first baby. You can find her personal style blog at Dressing UP For Life. When she isn’t busy taking pictures of her daily outfits, she loves to read, travel and experiment in the kitchen.



One of the highlights of our Bangkok trip was the delicious local cuisine! My husband and I spent hours researching Thai restaurants before we left home and it paid off – we ate at some of the best places in Bangkok!

One of our favourite meals was at Som Tam Nua restaurant located in the Siam Square area. We enjoyed delicacies such as their fried chicken wings and spicy pork bone soup. My favourite though was a dish of their Thai rice noodles – it was perfectly spiced and left me wanting more! I’m lucky that I decided to wear my Karina Ruby dress again – the microfibre material it is made from has plenty of stretch and kept me comfortable even after a huge meal.

Here I am in a tuk tuk on the way to the restaurant.



And here I am at waiting to tuck into my plate of noodles!



We finished off our dinner with dessert from a small eatery called Mango Tango, a quaint little place that serves only mango based desserts.



I love mangoes so I picked a dessert that had fresh mango pieces and homemade mango ice cream with a mango sauce. It was absolutely heavenly and we devoured every last bite!



Doesn’t the Ruby dress look great in all these pictures? What I love most about this dress on my pregnant body is how flattering the silhouette is. And I wouldn’t have picked this gem of a dress from the Karina website, had it not been for their ‘best fit’ feature, which helped me pick out the perfect dress silhouette for my hourglass body shape. It emphasises my natural waist, making it look tiny and skims over my baby bump without drawing any extra attention to it.


If you’re looking for the perfect easy to wear, easy to care for dress to take along with you on your next trip, your search ends here. My Karina dresses never need ironing, can easily be hand washed and air dried on the go and are so comfy! They will always be a staple in my travel bag and once you buy one, I’m sure you will never want to take a trip without it!

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