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Adorably Adaptable In A V-Neck Dress ~ Our New Site

adaptable in our v-neck dress

Have you noticed? We renovated! The Karina Dresses web site may have a new look, but we held on to all of the same style, v-neck dress and pizzazz that we had before! We have updated our flagship web presence, and our blog, to bring you a more streamlined shopping experience. Check out our Frockstar™ manifesto. We are constantly updating our styles and prints, as well as our Classics and Clearance section. Be sure to bookmark our new site to stay on top of all of our latest and greatest!

We are adorably adaptable in our v-neck dress, don’t you agree?

We think that you will agree, something truly magical happens when you wear a Karina dress. We hope you will love them even more than before. We’ve made our site more accessible and easier to navigate. We’ve even made some changes to our blog, so be sure to take a look! We would love to hear what you have to say about the new style and design of our site. Send us your feedback on what you do love and any suggestions for improvement. Email us any time at karina@makobimedia.com. Until then, we will be right here making your favorite dresses!

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