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Dressing For Success And Saving Money, Too

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Well, I learnt today that I was blowing my hard-earned money away unwittingly. Jeez, who would have known? It’s not something we all know about and it’s not something we bother thinking about all the time. When we have time off, we would rather spend it with loved ones, relaxing, etc…or for me, even working on the blog. Who would really want to get down into the nitty gritty details. After all, insurance isn’t my profession. This is what happened, I was buying full inside insurance on my condo because typically, your condo insurance included in your homeowner’s association (HOA) fees include the roof, the outside, etc. Apparently, some do pay for some interior fixes. However, most condo insurances that come with the HOA fees come with a deductible of $10,000. Count those zeroes, its a lot! So, they always recommend you buy Condo insurance anyways, because then you have an insurance that will pay for that deductible. For example, my old Condo insurance would cost me a $1,000 deductible to activate it, but it would pay for the $10,000 required of the other deductible. A very roundabout way of doing things, I might add.

Condo Insurance Tips to Save you Money

Do’s and Don’ts of Condo Insurance -Saving you Money

Dressing for success and saving money, too…

The key to all of this mystery is an important document you should always ask for when you purchase a condo. The “Master Policy” is the document the condo has that says how much is covered, what is already covered, and what they recommend you purchasing when you look to get outside Condo insurance. Don’t get me wrong, you need both but this little document saves you from buying extra stuff that’s not needed, like what I did. Mine was never provided until I asked for it. Hopefully my mistake will save you from making yours and several hundred dollars too. Visit Whirlwind of Surprises for recipes, travel tips, fashion and more!

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