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Dress For Summer and Mosquito Control: Meet Your Maker


Summertime is here, in case you couldn’t tell by the extreme heat outside! Along with the heat comes the dreaded mosquito population.  Not only must we dress for summer, but we must also dress for mosquito control! This time of year I get my quick and natural remedies ready for Bodhi and me to help us to avoid bug bites. Nobody enjoys being bitten by mosquitoes, or even worse, the dreaded tick.


Dress For Summer and Summer Mosquito Control

A great way to avoid being bitten is to wear repellent. I am a fan of Wellness Momma’s Homemade Natural Bug Spray. Not only are Wellness Momma’s natural remedies safe for you, they are safe for your pets, too!


Wellness Momma’s Homemade Natural Bug Spray is wonderful for repelling those nasty mosquitoes, but what about ticks? Primarily Inspired has a great easy and natural tic repellent that is safe for you and your pets. Just a little bit of Rose Geranium Oil on everyone goes a long way!


If you do get bitten…by mosquitoes:
  • AloeI keep a tube of aloe in the refrigerator. It is cooling and soothing on your skin for bites or burns.
  • Chamomile: Take a tea bag and soak with cool water and use as a compress on the bite for relief.
  • BasilGreat for relief itch!  Crush a few leaves or keep some essential oil handy.
  • Any Tea Bag: Soaked in apple cider vinegar will relieve itching and swelling.
Mosquitoes like some folks more than others, that’s for sure!  To avoid getting mosquito bites, try eating lots of garlic. Garlic tends to make you a little less attractive to the bugs; and perhaps your friends, too!
I think it’ s always best to try simple remedies instead of harsh chemicals. It is just another way to practice self~ love.
Don’t forget to dress for summer, enjoy the lovely outdoors and be bug~free!

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