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Cruise In Style: Save Money On Your Next Voyage

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10 Tips for saving you Money on your next cruise

10 Tips to saving you Money on your next cruise

I’ve told you why it’s great to choose a cruise holiday and what money pitfalls to look out for. Next is figuring out how to save you money on your next cruise.

How To Cruise In Style…

10 Tips To Saving Money On Your Next Cruise:

  1. Booking early can be advantageous. Not only do you get better rates but sometimes cruise lines will try to entice you with room upgrades or bonus complimentary items.
  2. Chose a port close to home to avoid paying more for traveling costs to get there.
  3. Have you ever signed up for the cruise line newsletters? There are always great offers where the 3rd or 4th person cruise for free.
  4. There are always onboard booking bonuses when you’re on a cruise. Book ahead or place a deposit to earn discounts and onboard credits for your next cruise.
  5. Booking early doesn’t just apply to cruise prices. Once you’ve locked in your cruise, you may even save by pre-purchasing meal and spa packages.
  6. Did you know some cruise lines now allow you to bring onboard 2 bottles of champagne or wine? As long as you open it in your room, you save the corking fee that the dining room would charge you. You can always grab a couple of glasses and pour the wine in your room and then walk out with it.
  7. Unless you’re a heavy drinker and think you can break even with the package, don’t buy drinking packages. It can be painful to drink just to try and break even.
  8. Avoid extra expenses like checked baggage. Sure, it doesn’t cost you on the cruise to bring it on but airport travel is expensive. Don’t break the bank and your back with excess baggage. Do yourself a favor and pack light.
  9. Almost every day, there are time-limited sales, art auctions, alternative dining options, and more. If you can consciously try to avoid some of these things, you’ll find your wallet will thank you later.
  10. A few smart cruisers who are concerned about using credit with their onboard account have opted to use cash accounts instead so that they can limit their spending.

Better yet, plan ahead and decide how much you want to spend during the trip. It’s better that there aren’t any unexpected surprises at the end. Visit Whirlwind of Surprises for recipes, travel tips, fashion and more!

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