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Dress For Camping: New Country Day Camp

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It’s time to put on your dress for camping! Karina Dresses recently donated supplies to New Country Day Camp. New Country Day Camp is a camp for children growing up in NYC. The camp provides children to get out of the city and into nature. Children can choose from various sports, camping, cooking, pioneering or many other activities to fill their days. The camp values independent decision making and provides the children with many opportunities to practice their independence, with guidance of camp counselors. New Country Day Camp is a Jewish day camp, honoring Jewish values and traditions. Children and families of all backgrounds and settings are welcome to be a part of their camp community.

Put On You Dress For Camping And Explore The New Country Day Camp

New Country Day Camp is an oasis for children growing up in New York City. All of our campers and staff ride the camp bus from stops in North Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan to the beautiful Henry Kaufman Campgrounds on Staten Island. Our older campers spend their mornings with their friends in camp groups of kids their age…While we encourage our campers to try new program units each week, every child’s independent decision making is highly respected by camp staff.

karina cares camp

June 20, 2014

Dear Karina,

On behalf of New Country Day Camp, I would like to thank you for your donation. Your supplies are greatly appreciated. They will be used in a multitude of camp programs and specialized units to better express and communicate campers’ ideas. These materials empower our campers and their experience at camp.

Your generous donation is much needed. Thank you for your continued relationship with Materials for the Arts. Your contribution truly allows campers to have a tactile and visual experience where before they may have had none. I look forward to visiting MFTA again and experience such abundance.


Dana McFarlane
Office Manager
New Country Day Camp

E: Dana_McFarlane@14streety.org

Ph: 646.395.4357

F: 212.780.0859

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