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Aging With Style: The Easy Way To An Anti-Aging Diet

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Perfect health is one of those things you don’t quite appreciate until you’ve either lost it, or you’re on your way to losing it, which is pretty much what the aging process is all about. My goal has never been to resist the process, but to retard it.

You may think that sounds a little fatalistic, but it feels like realism to me. There’s no getting around it: our are made to wear out, friends.

Aging With Style…

At 53, I appreciate my good health more than ever, and I take it less for granted. I’m more committed to doing what’s necessary to keep myself healthy. Like most people, I’ve known what to do all along. Learning how to do it in a busy life has been more challenging.

In today’s post, I’m starting a four-part series of tiny ways to make better health choices.


Everyone knows they need five fruits and vegetables a day, but did you know that’s actually a minimum? Nine is the recommended standard. I don’t know about you, but that sounds darn near impossible to me.

Still, the evidence is pretty compelling. Researchers have been studying people all over the world who have the longest lifespans. The longest livers have a fresh, plant-based diet. (You can read all about it in The Blue Zone.) Knowing this, and loving vegetables and fruit as I do, it’s never been a great problem to buy them. Preparing them before they rot in the refrigerator–now that’s a challenge.

At the end of a long work day, the last thing I want to do is clean, chop and peel vegetables and fruits. Historically, that’s what caused me to default to quicker, less healthy alternatives. One day I stumbled onto a new habit that transformed my approach to eating well.

Every morning, while my coffee brews, I chop and clean the fruits and vegetables I intend to use that day. If it takes longer than the seven minutes required to make coffee, I sip my morning java and use the prep time to meditate, pray or repeat silent, life-affirming thoughts such as, “I take care of my body and mind by consuming good and wholesome things.”

When I’m finished, I store everything in the fridge and start my day knowing that the biggest part of our food plan is done. At the end of the day, the vegetables cook while I get other things ready for dinner. With this subtle change, I hardly noticed a difference in my daily routine, but I’ve made a dramatic difference in our diets.


In my next post, I’ll share another magic bullet for slowing the aging process. Karina Dresses are also a big part of my anti-aging combat. I wore cool Megan to a rehearsal dinner for a family wedding in Florida. The next day, my sleeveless Marisa made a perfect choice for the wedding. If you’re in need a dress when traveling, your best default is a Karina. They require zero special care after being packed in a suitcase.

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