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A Dress That Travels Well To The Scottish Highlands

beverly Army williamsBeverly Army Williams believes in curiosity and creativity and a dress that travels well. A writing professor at a small public university in Western Massachusetts, she lives in the woods of Connecticut with her husband and three active dogs. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking, messing around in a sketchbook, or playing with fiber. Beverly runs online and in-person creative writing and blogging workshops and works as a freelance editor. She’s an avid believer in having a small, elegant wardrobe, and her Karina dress that travels well. (Ruby is her current fave) make that possible. She blogs at PoMo Golightly

Ruby travel dress in floral print and above the knee swirl skirt“It’s that beautiful,” I wrote in an email to my husband as I sent picture after picture of low clouds, misty meadows, snow-kissed-in-June mountains. My journey to discover my heritage continued with a few days in the Scottish Highlands, where every turn revealed a movie-ready view and a connection to history.

Home base was the Laggan Gaskmore Hotel, a charming comfortable location for enjoying peaceful scenery and the long, long Highlands days. I do mean long: the sun set after midnight and rose around 4:30 a.m.

Karina dresses dresstinations

Among the endless excursions the Scottish Highlands offer, a visit to Blair Castle in Pitlochry provides a glimpse at the layers of history found throughout Scotland.

karina dresses dresstinations image

A brief stay on the Isle of Skye and a visit to the Clan Donald Centre gave me the opportunity to trace my family history. I discovered the clans to which my family most likely belonged and found additional references to 19th century ancestors.

Ruby Flowered Print above the knee Faux Wrap Dress

A Dress That Travels Well

Among the many reasons I love my Karina Dresses when I travel is their versatility. In one day my floral Megan rode a bus, a ferry, took in views, and, with the addition of classic Hunter boots, walked the country lanes after dinner. Those long evenings leave ample time for doing it all!

Ruby faux wrap for hourglass figure

One of my travel companions, Sierra, decided to get in on the Karina love*. The next day she wore polka dot Ruby as we looked for Nessie in Loch Ness, drove through Glencoe, and cruised on Loch Lomond.

Post cruise, we headed into Glasgow. The biggest part of the adventure–an exploration of nearby Paisley, the town where my great-grandfather was born–still to come!

*How great is a dress that flatters a seventeen-year-old and a forty-five-year old? And that both women love wearing?

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