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The Perfect Travel Dress Goes To Edinburgh

beverly Army williamsBeverly Army Williams believes in curiosity and creativity and wearing the perfect travel dress. A writing professor at a small public university in Western Massachusetts, she lives in the woods of Connecticut with her husband and three active dogs. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking, messing around in a sketchbook, or playing with fiber. Beverly runs online and in-person creative writing and blogging workshops and works as a freelance editor. She’s an avid believer in having a small, elegant wardrobe, and her Karina dresses (Ruby is her current fave) make that possible. She blogs at PoMo Golightly

The perfect travel dress goes to Edinberg

The history-rich city of Edinburgh was my first stop on a week-long tour of Scotland with the goal of learning more about my heritage. Edinburg Castle (seen in the background, right) is an imposing landmark built on steep volcanic rock and dating at least from the 12th century but surely used as a defense for centuries earlier.

Karina Dresses Has The Perfect Travel Dress

I had another goal for this trip: to pack for two weeks in Europe in a backpack. The best solution for packing light and elegantly is to roll up a few Karina dresses and toss them in the bag! I wore my polka dot Ruby on the flight, and she looked fresh as a daisy as I walked around to get first impressions of the city.

Karina Dresses has the perfect travel dress

We had a rare sunny day.  I tossed on Megan to match the carefree weather. After a delicious pub dinner in the Grassmarket area, I strolled by Greyfriars Kirk, where the story of the loyal dog Bobby is commemorated with his statue. Legend has it that rubbing his nose brings good luck.

Karina Dresses has the perfect travel dress at the elephant house

My niece Alexis and I are both fans of the Harry Potter books. A visit to the Elephant House Cafe rounded out our evening’s adventures. Do you love the Karina Dresses Ruby as much as Beverly? Visit our online store to pick out Ruby in your favorite print!

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