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Story of the Karina Dress: Penelope A Dress With Pockets

Story of the Karina Dress: Penelope A Dress With Pockets

The Karina Dresses Penelope dress with pockets

Meet our Karina Dress, Penelope! Penelope is a dress with pockets. Penelope is a sassy v-front dress with a criss-cross front. She is a sleeveless dress, featuring small gathers on the front and back bodice. Her banded waistline featured a pleated skirt that hits at the knee with a pretty little flare. This dress fits the many shapes of a woman. Do you sport bodacious curves? The v-front neck line and pleated skirt provide the perfect balance and coverage for hourglass shaped gals. Do you need some definition in your waist? The banded waistline makes the Lauren dress perfect for rectangle shaped girls. Maybe you carry a bit more on the bottom than you do on the top? Penelope’s pleated skirt is the perfect balance for triangle shaped ladies.

Learn The Story Of The Karina Dress ~ Penelope Dress With Pockets

Named after the complex cartoon heroine, Penelope Pitstop, who posessed a curious combination of ingenuity and vulnerability. Penelope always found a way out of peril with her handy assortment of beauty tools. She was Hanna-Barbera’s true damsel in success.

hay-ulp! hay-ulp! (in southern belle accent)
-Penelope Pitstop

The Penelope Dress is a favorite for all types of ladies to wear. Getting ready to grab some lunch and a matinee with your best gal friend? Dress Penelope down with a cropped cardigan and a pair of flats. Going out with your favorite arm candy later that night? the Penelope makes an easy transition from day to night. Go ahead and dress her up with a great statement necklace and a pair of steamy pumps. All eyes will be on Penelope when you tear up the dance floor! Penelope makes a chic choice no matter where your days or nights take you! If you are as in love with the Penelope as I am, you can check out our online shop to pick out your favorite print today!

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