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Penelope: A V-Neck Dress Travels To Seattle

Jenn Quillen FrockstarJenn at The Rebel Chick does a little of everything: she bakes, she blogs…and she loves to wear her Peneleope v-neck dress for travel on her adventures around the world! Jenn is a strong believer in Carpe Diem and strives to make the most of everyday, which leaves little time for worry about what she’s going to wear. That’s why she loves Karina Dresses so much; Karina Dresses offers lovely Penelope travel dresses that flatter every body – and everybody! You can find Jenn sharing her life in Miami and her adventures around the world on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

When traveling to Seattle, there’s one thing you must do – and it’s not a visit to the top of the Space Needle! A walk through Chihuly Gardens in downtown Seattle is like a walk through another world. If you’ve ever wanted to fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, this is as close as you can get!

Karina Penelope in Dash

My daughter and I recently had one morning to wander around Seattle (in my v-neck dress of course!) before embarking on an Alaskan cruise. We only had a few hours and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on transportation, so we walked a few blocks from our hotel to the Space Needle…but we didn’t go inside! Right next door to the Space Needle is a Museum concentrating on classic rock influences, which I really wanted to explore – but we were pressed for time and I didn’t want to have to leave without getting my money’s worth.

You’ll notice that sightseeing on a budget is a recurring theme when I travel!

We settled on buying tickets to the Chihuly Garden and Glass, which is located right next to the Space Needle. For about $25 a person, we were granted all day access to the exhibit as well as the gardens.

As we soon found out, we made the right choice!

Chihuly Gardens in Seattle

Dale Chihuly worked in the Venini glass factory in Venice, where he learned to blow glass and still uses the teamwork technique he learned there to this day. While his work can be seen in more than 200 museum collections around the world, this was by far the largest collection I have ever seen!

We have a few Chihuly pieces in Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami, and I have seen two small exhibits in museums (one in Nashville and one in Chicago) as well as a private collection exhibited in Denver, Colorado a few years ago.

Never have I seen a garden that included his work, and while the exhibit itself was absolutely breathtaking, it was the Chihuly garden that I can not stop thinking about…

Chihuly in Seattle

On that rainy day in Seattle, I wore my new Penelope travel dress in Dash. I needed something comfortable and casual but still professional, as we were meeting with a brand later in the morning and would spend the rest of the afternoon with colleagues and brand representatives.

This is why Karina Dresses are so invaluable to my wardrobe – after the airline lost our luggage, we dealt with a long travel day, stress over our luggage and having to run to the urgent care clinic due to my daughter’s ingrown toenail becoming infected (I know, it was an awful day!), I really did not have a lot of energy to worry about what I was going to wear or try to put together an outfit!

Penelope in Dash by Karina Dresses

All I had to do was throw on my Penelope travel v-neck dress, a cardigan and comfortable TOMs ballet flats and viola – I was dressed perfectly for any occasion…even a walk through pseudo-Wonderland.

Chihuly Garden


You can find out more about the Chihuly Garden and Glass, as well as hours and admission prices here. If you are looking for the perfect v-neck dress to take you on your next adventure, check out our online store today!

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