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V-Neck Dress Ready: Quick and Easy Self Care Tips

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Easy Self care tips

5 quick and easy self care tips in under 2 minutes

What is self care? Funny thing is that they can be interrelated. Self care consists of actions and attitudes that promote personal well-being and health. It is not something that is selfish or overly indulgent. Rather, it is caring for yourself and better yet, is a way to revitalize yourself and get yourself ready for that ah-mazing v-neck dress in your closet. It has beneficial impacts on your physical, psychological, and emotional health. Better yet, when you’re feeling good, you’re less likely to feel burned out and can function better as a whole, whether it be taking care of yourself or others.

I was huge in neglecting my own self care last year. All I did was work and help others. Rarely did I ever have time to sit back and take a breather. It was depressing, tiring, and sometimes self-defeating. It brought a lot of negative emotions.

Since then, I’ve learnt may quick methods of self care that don’t take a lot of time. Brief breaks inserted through a busy day makes it all the less stressful and more melancholic. I hope to share these quick self care techniques with you. None of them take more than a couple of minutes so they’re great to sneak into the work day.

Get V-Neck Dress Ready With These 5 Self Care Tips

  1. Deep Breathing: Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for 4 seconds, then slowly exhale through the mouth. Do this 3 times.
  2. Visual imagery: Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Decide where you want to go and visualize your dream vacation. For example, if I am thinking of a beach, I would imagine being on a beach and use all of my senses. See the palm trees swaying in the wind. Feel the warm sun on your face and the warm sand beneath your feet. Hear the gentle waves in the distance. Smell the fresh salt of the ocean waters. See the puppies running with the tongues hanging out across the sand and the goofy smiles on their faces as they charge towards you. Visualize what your entirety would feel at your chosen destination while continuing to take deep breaths.
  3. Tense and Relax: The idea is to tense and relax various muscle groups of the body. Start at the legs and work your way up each muscle group ensuring to take deep breaths. Inhale deeply through the nose, contract your muscles and feel the tension build, hold the tension and then release and exhale through your mouth.
  4. Self Massage: Massaging the shoulders is vital to loosening kinks and tense muscles built up through the day. To massage the left shoulder, support the right elbow with the left hand and use the right hand to gently press along the top edge of the scapula working from the tip of the shoulder to the back of the neck. You may feel a bit of tenderness as you come across knots. Use the left hand for the right shoulder.
  5. Laughter: Good friends are hard to find. Those that can make you laugh wholeheartedly, even harder. Cherish those moments. No matter how rough a day has been, a good laugh always makes me feel better.

I hope these tips offer relaxation and better health for you on any given day.  Visit Whirlwind of Surprises for recipes, travel tips, fashion and more! After trying out these tips, head over to our online store to pick out your next v-neck dress!

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